Why customers don’t trust websites, pay attention

Trusted information — that is what user of all times were looking for. One may spend weeks engaging with different people on social websites, and all that is for traffic to his own website. Still this dude has to understand that Digg, Facebook and Myspace are not a cure-all solution!! The first thing to remember is a trustworthy website. The foundation must be laid from the very beginning, not only pro-design is needed.

The next entry is a caution against unwarranted expectations. Follow our advices and every visitor will find your website trustworthy and valuable. We have listed several reasons why customers won't trust websites, so never repeat them.

Website is written like a brochure
Remember the time when you walked around and someone passed you a brochure. Usually nine of ten won't read it, though brochure may hold useful and important information. But somewhere inside you are sure that it is as engaging as a vocabulary or a phone book. Always write texts on a website as if you are speaking tete-a-tete with your customer. Your website must not sound like a spam-bot. Explain all benefits of your company or services as if the customer is sitting in front of you. Don't hesitate to read aloud all texts from your current website, and try to understand whether its a brochure or a engaging and captivating narration.

Website looks like a cheap template
The goal of a website is to tell what you are about. The goal is to show the great difference of your business from others. Use photos of your real employees, take pictures of your office. Cool idea is to ask permission of your customers to put their photos to your website; be sure, people like fame won't miss a chance to appear in the Web for free. And the best way is to make custom website design.

Lots of typos
We are sure that not every day you spend creating texts for websites. So don't be a lazy bone, sit down comfortably and read out all texts from cover to cover. Do you have you lovely tasty sweets? Allow yourself to eat one for each mistake you find. That will bring joy to process. Also it is useful to give to read all texts to you wife/husband, son/daughter or even a neighbor. The less amount of typos you have, the more credibility a website will have.

Where is that About page?
People do business with other people, not with brands and logos. Tell others about yourself, how long you’ve been doing this, why you do this, your hobbies and ideas. This definitely will help to increase credibility and will show that you are a human just like they are. Introducing yourself is an important part of any business.

Don't forget to explain why you different
Onсe customer gets to your website he must see what you offer that the other company doesn't. It will be nice to have a block on your Home page with "Our benefits" or "Why us?" or "Only our company offers". Otherwise he will have to read long texts to find our you advantages. And who knows, will he continue reading all your text if you don't outline clearly the point of difference, that means you don’t have one. He'll go to find others who does.

Too much about you and your company
Don't you think you're talking too much about yourself and your company? Customer wants to hear about his needs; customer needs solutions for his problems; customer always needs attention to his personality and ideas. So you need more sentences with "you will find", "that for your needs", "decision for you" and "all you need is" etc.

Remember about updates, they notice updates
Do you like yesterday's dinner? Do you read news from the previous month? Same is the customer. He wants to see fresh and up to date website. With the latest news, last bids, new product offerings or new photos. At the same time update your copyright. Its sad, so sad to see a copyright date of 2001, are they still alive there?!

Awful navigation
We have already written about the importance of navigation. And we repeat it again. Don't make customer think about how to find your contacts or how to look at Service page.

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