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Liqpay – new word in the remittance system

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Today we would like you to get acquainted with the bank payment system for remittances.

Liqpay system developed and maintained by a major European bank, is an alternative to PayPal payment system. This payment system allows you to send money easily from the card systems like Visa or MasterCard on a virtual account in the system Liqpay, tied to a mobile phone number. After you can send the money further, to another phone, withdraw money from the system Liqpay back on your card or leave the money in your account and use them later. Liqpay system has some serious advantages that allow you to use it for the money transfers around the world.

Easy registration:
Quick and easy registration, which is tied to your mobile phone number — a unique innovation. All you need to do is enter your mobile number, then receive a password to your cell phone. You will immediately see the account to which you can receive and cash funds. Safety at a high level — the password changes with each transaction and sent to a cell phone.

No restrictions:
Liqpay system has no restrictions on transferring money to the CIS countries, it is advantageous contrast to the system PayPal, which has such a restriction. If you have business partners in Eastern Europe, then feel free to use Liqpay for remittances.

No coins:
During the international competition Innovation in Banking Technology Awards 2010, organized by the magazine The Banker, the system of electronic delivery Liqpay was recognized to be the best innovations in technology to work with cash and treasury technology (Innovation in Cash and Treasury Technology). For the present moment that system was implemented in many bank branches under the brand "No Coins".

Certainly Liqpay system will find its users, particularly among those who love the simplicity and convenience. To learn how to use Liqpay system to make money transfers read "How it works?" article. The system is really easy, fast and secured.