Most annoying things on a website

14 things on a website, which are most annoying. It took almost a year for British scientists studied more that 50,000 visitors from USA, France, England and Germany. The idea was to learn what are the most annoying elements they meet on websites. Here is the list of that elements. Be careful when decide to apply then in your own project.

Certainly that is not a guidebook. You may use some of them and for some time that will not effect visitors. But still its better not to apply them at all.

Long flash screensaver
Nobody likes to sit and wait to download the entire site, then click "Skip the greeting", then again to get to another block of pictures on the flash. A website must be compared with most informative source — a book or a magazine. Will you like the waiting for 30–50 seconds after
turn the page? So why do websites must to have such a delay?

The music
People will always frantically search the button, where they can turn off the music. And if not found, it is likely to leave a website. So try not to use music, and if you do then make the button noticeable.

Advertising is more than content
These sites will never inspire confidence. The desire to get money dominates the desire for work.

Inappropriate adult ads
Especially annoying outright advertising, content of which does not apply to the topic for adults. Next time, just be afraid once again go to this website.

While being aggressive pop-ups have already passed, but where they still occur, it causes all the same persistent irritation.

The abundance of grammatical errors
Despite the democratic Internet community, the abundance of grammatical errors always cause negative emotions. Spend a little time to check errors or hire a specialist.

Long blocks of text
Long blocks of text is very inconvenient to read. So take care of your audience, breaks the text into paragraphs.

Broken links
Of course, the links that lead nowhere, does not decorate a website. So often, check all the links or install a special script or plugin for this case.

Forcing register to comment
If you want to lose a large part of comments on your site, then force the person to register before you leave a comment.

Using the Caps lock
It's unbelievable, but still some fans write in big letters. BE CAREFUL WITH THE CAPS LOCK!

Non-standard spelling
Another sure way to undo a part of users is to write the text in some clever way. I think comments are unnecessary.

Slow loading pages
Try to optimize the published pictures or make them smaller. Optimize the source code. Take the matter sufficient attention. Moreover, Google is now sensitive to speed.

Can't get to the first post on a website
Sometimes users want to read the first post on a website. It is desirable that it was available, well, or at least try not to complicate the navigation or use "latest posts" widget.

No search on a website
Sometimes readers back to ф цуиsite for a special article. The search should help to find
such information. Otherwise, the user will be forced to scroll through page after page. And at least abandon that idea.

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