About our bureau

Yvelious.com — is a web design bureau.
We specialize in creation of high quality websites with unique web-designs and reasonable prices. The main consumers of our services are small business and individuals.

The advantage of our company lies in the fact that we do not use cheap templates in development of your websites. Only unique designs created by our web designers,
only personal approach to each client. This is what enables Yvelious.com to provide exceptionally high quality service in websites creation.

If you decide to order a website, use our online Order form, which will help to choose features and calculate the cost of the project.

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Why Us

  • Yvelious.com main goal is to deliver solutions that meet customers' needs, expectations and budget.
    We work for small business and individuals, providing professional website development services.

    Our team is not a large one, but we are hard working, persistent and well educated HTML-coders, programmers and designers. We possess valuable business and technological expertise that helps us
    to speak the same language with customers and understand their business needs easily. We thoroughly study each customer’s case. In every specific project we are aimed to save clients' precious time and deliver the right solution.

    We never compromise the quality of our services.
    We have Quality Control Department that monitors project activities and guarantees defect prevention, project risk management and high quality of final product.

    Yvelious.com is a client-centric website design bureau. That means that we make it our primary goal to understand and to help our clients to achieve their goals in business. We always offer solutions that add real value to customer's business. Only with success and wealth of our clients our own business grows and prospers.

  • Our website design bureau never stops on the aims achieved. Improving and varying our services, developing technologies and performing approaches, engineering practices and management methods, using new QA standards - all these increase customer satisfaction and tendency to Yvelious.com.

    Our Benefits

    • 1. competent and honest business
    • 2. always find a solution
    • 3. excellent value for money
    • 4. comply with terms and conditions
    • 5. only unique web designs

Our Workflow

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  • Filling in the Form and Payment

    Filling in the Form and Payment

    Our workflow starts when customer fills in the Order form.
    That indicates his intensions to collaborate with us. All necessary features that must be applied to a website are to be marked in that form. The calculations help to choose the right modiles and determine their cost. We made explanations to every feature so everyone can easily chose those he needs. Brief will be sent after we receive the payment.

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  • Filling in the Brief

    Filling in the Brief

    A brief is a short capacious description of what customer wants to be done. Here we ask general questions about every page, content, usability and elements of design. So that every answer will bring us closer to solving of customer's tasks. That type of brief dialog helps to avoid misunderstandings and shortens the time of discussion — as a result we start the project as soon as possible. We don't start any actions before we get a brief from a client.

    We hope you understand the necessity of that document for your future project and for us as well.

  • Technical Task and Mock Up

    Technical Task and Mock Up

    The next time we contact customer is when we send Technical Task and Mock Up. That is the final stage before we start coding. Technical Task shows all features that the future project will have — navigations, pictures, texts, feedbacks and other. Mock Up allows to see the web design and navigate of a website.

    That stage finishes with approval of a website design and all website content. After everything is approved we don't return
    to a website design and context works - we start working
    with the source code.

  • Work on the Project

    Work on the Project

    That stage is generally hidden from the eye of a customer. It takes about two or three weeks to make a website; and almost one week to test all features. We implement the best industry standards and practices like RUP or Agile Methodology depending on project size and complexity.

    We must be sure that the final product we deliver to customer is quality and answers all his needs and ideas. Again it depends, sometimes it takes less time to complete all those issues.
    But one has to be patient, excellent things are done gradually.

  • Quality Assurance and Testing

    Quality Assurance and Testing

    That part is very important. Our Department of Testing and Quality Assurance spends alot of time using all features of a project.
    That all is due to our high attention to the quality of final products.
    A website is being tested for cross-browsing compatibility in every modern web-browsers, such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome and FireFox. We use Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad to test a project as well. All texts are being checked out for grammatic and punctuation mistakes.

    The out-coming project is complete and perfectly functioning one. We are glad and satisfied with the work done.

  • Project Submit

    Project Submit

    At last customer sees his whole website in action. Browsing a website, filling in forms, using feedback and viewing gallery.
    At that time we wait for issues, probably some additions or mentions. Its obvious that for such a long time there may appear some new ideas - that is why we accept corrections and collaborate with customer very closely using our Feedback form.

    All issues are worked out as soon as possible and at the same quality level.

    We hope you like our workflow. Anyway if you have something
    to add - please feel free to contact us!

Our Testimonials

Thanks a lot, the work on my website is done perfectly. I'm very satisfied with the services of Yvelious. And support is good as well, quick and correct.
This team [Hans Peter Bulant] is very professional! Don't hesitate to contact them.

Hans Peter Bulant

Yvelious's team makes the project in a very professional way. Thank you so much, my clients said the site is great and it is modern as well!

Bogdan Miller

How a website helps your bussines

Every company or organization needs to attract new business and retain current clients. So for this we will speak about the most cost-effective method of promotion. We will speak about a website.

The most important thing one has to realize and accept is that the public now expects businesses and organizations to have a website. One that can supply basic information and a means of getting in contact. A website has become nearly as essential as a telephone or fax machine or printed brochure.

All those office tools for communication and promotion, but need to be used effectively. Neglecting to have one of these tools can put one's company at a challenge and cause many disadvantages. Its clear that no company operates without a phone. A website and all the services it provides are extremely essential for a business in 21st century.

Apart from fulfilling the public's expectations, a website will also help business increase profits. Increasingly people search the Web rather than the newspapers or yellow pages when looking for a service or product to purchase.

If they don't find your business represented, they will find your competitor's. Prices vary widely, depending on the specifics of each individual website. But when considering the benefits that even the simplest website can provide, the question to ask is less "Can I afford to have a Web site?" than "Can I afford not to have one?"

Finally, if its necessary to get indication of how immediate a business needs for a website is, check out the Web presence of competitors. None of them have Websites yet? Lucky you! That is not only some breathing space, but also a good shot at being the first to attract new vast markets. And if competitors already have websites? So get to work - as fast as possible.


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